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In 1980, a public Bicycle Museum was established at Šiauliai Bicycle and Motor Factory "Vairas". In 1985, this museum was transferred to its present location and exposition was opened. In 1993, it
became part of Šiauliai Aušros Museum. In 2004, the exposition "Bicycle and Lithuania" with 348
exhibits (79 bicycles and 3 recumbent bikes among them) was revived. The exposition reveals bicycle's evolution. The first Lithuanian home-made bicycles are here on display. Made of wood and iron, they had no tyres, so for being very jolty were nicknamed "bone-jolts".
Most popular bicycles in Lithuania before the WW II are presented: "Imperial Triumph" (England, 1912); "Adler" (Germany); military bicycle "Dürkopp" (Germany); sports bicycle with wooden rims (Germany).
More modern bikes are also on display: the bike designed for figure driving and playing veloball
(Czechoslovakia, 1986), mountain bicycle "Legacy" (USA, 1992), tandem, tricycle for adults "Desna-2" (Russia, 1985).

Special space is allotted to different themes: "Liudas Alseika - the Organizer and the Leader of the First Lithuanian International Ride by Bikes Klaipėda-Vladivostok ", "The Great Millenium Peace Ride Around the World", "The Bike is Invented. Ride the Orange One", "Šiauliai Bicycle and Motor Factory "Vairas", Joint Stock Company "Baltik Vairas", "The Recumbent Bikes", "Is Your Riding the Bike Safe?", "Are You Able to Name Components of a Bike in Lithuanian?"

Your eye will be catched by Liudas Alseika's bicycle, his personal belongings, photographs; Sigitas
Kučas' bicycle "Red Bull", which he has ridden around the world since 1998 08 06 to 1999 12 31;
the bikes donated after the actions organized by Vilnius municipality in 2001-2004 (the Orange and the Rose bicycle actions have been organized seeking to popularize a bike as the means of transportation and form of recreation); two-seated tricycle "Šiauliai" hand-made by Henrikas Sutkus and the precisely made models of bicycles, which could pretend quite seriously to "The Guinness Book of Records"; the bicycles made by "Vairas" bicycle factory; a two-wheeled recumbent "Meleta" made by Rimas Martinkėnas.

Temporary exhibitions and special video-shows are also arranged here. About 10,000 visitors per year get acquainted with this popular museum.

Vilniaus St 139 Šiauliai
Tel. +370 41 524395
Fax +37041 526933
e-mail: ausros.muz@takas.lt

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