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Hall with Karaite exhibition (read)

Sound background: Karina Firkaviciute

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Exhibits of this Hall reflect life of the multinational community of Trakai of the 16th – 18th centuries. Karaites left a trace in the life of Trakai, and today their offspring live in this town. Their original past, culture and religion attract attention of the museum visitors. The Karaites derive themselves from Turkoman Chazars. Their religion developed from Judaism taking over some elements of Islam and Christianity. After the crusade of Vytautas the Great against the Golden Horde at the end of the 14th century 400 families of the Karaites were brought from the Crimea to Lithuania. The Karaites settled in Lithuania during the rule of Duke Vytautas. The most numerous community lived in Trakai. So far they maintained their language, religion and culture. Do not miss an opportunity to find out more about the cultural heritage of the Karaites in the ethnographic exhibition of the Karaites at Karaimų St. 22, Trakai.

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