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Evangelist Lutheran church (read)

Sound background: Danielius Sadauskas

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Vokiečių St. 20

The church of the Evangelicals Lutherans has remained in the courtyard of the house situated at Vokiečių St. 20. The houses near the church belonged to the merchant Morštinas in the 16th century. Jonas Viklefas started to teach Luther’s philosophy in St Anne’s church. But Bishop Olšanskis forbade this activity and expelled him from Vilnius in 1555.

The followers of the Lutherans built a small church in Morštinas’ yard in 1558, but the fire of 1655 destroyed it. A brick church was built in 1662 but the fire of 1737 burnt it too. The church was rebuilt in 1740 and remained until today.

The baroque altar remained from 1624, but was rebuilt in the rococo style in the 18th century. A 19th century tower stands near the church. The interior of the church – the work of Architect J.K. Glaubicas – was badly damaged during Word War II. The church was reconstructed in 1995 and is maintained by the funds provided by the community members.

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