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The Struve Geodetic Arc's station in Gireisiai (Rokiskis district) Read

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Struvė Geodetic Arc is of great scientific and cultural value. This is the reason why 10
countries through the territories of which runs the Struvė Geodetic Arc proposed to inscribe it
to the World Heritage List. The task groups of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukraine and Moldova that prepared their nominations were lead
by the National Land Survey of Finland. National Land Survey of Lithuania under the Ministry
of Agriculture and Institute of Geodesy at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University suggested
inscribing into the UNESCO WHL three Struvė Geodetic Arc stations in Lithuania-–
Meškonys, Paliepiukai and Gireišiai; these are at present state geodesic stations.

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